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Audio Visual Events

Large LED Event Screens

Providing your event with the best visual experience your clients and guests wont stop talking about!!

Withe our P3.9 black faced indoor LED screen you can be sure that your presentation and videos will be Crystal Clear!!

Our latest arrival will give you 12 square meters to play with and has the potential to be the normal flat screen or Curved -convex and -concave.

Watch this space as we will soon be importing a P5.9 outdoor screen that has a lot of potential for the brave and creative as this screen can be your stage! Walk on it, dance on it and even Drive on it!!!

Make sure you never have a boring event ever again!! 


Aspect Ratio & Meter size (Width/Height)                             Amount of squared meters                     Prices (Screen only, Excl. Structure

                        4:3  4 X 3 m                                                                                   12 sq                                                                    R 24000

                        2:39:1  6 X 2 m                                                                              12 sq                                                                    R 24000

                        16: 9  3,5 X 2 m                                                                               7 sq                                                                    R 14000

                        16:9  4,5 X 2,5 m                                                                      11,25 sq                                                                    R 22500